Sometimes I’m ok, and I think I will be ok through the day.
Sometimes I’m anxious from the moment I wake up…

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Every week...Me the night before: I'll wake up early, I'll have time to shower and get ready and then I'll get to watch Doctor Who before I leave to school!
Me in the morning: I'm sorry Doctor Who, just five more minutes...

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Affiliation Programs - Part 1

Advice and Opinions on Affiliation Programs - Part 1 :3

I’ve been asked a few times about affiliation programs, and even though I’m no expert, I can share with you the basic steps to start affiliating for monetary purposes.

As I was writing this, I realized it was much more informations than I thought, so, I will be dividing this in two parts. The second part will come in the following days!

Part 1: What, Where, How and Why
Part 2: Affiliation…

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Let’s cook with Halloween colors! #pasta #broccoli #spinach #tuna #dinner #meal #food

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Hello #Provo citizens! Any plans for Saturday? #Vineyard at BYU and #LDSTech are hosting a #service event to transcribe #hymns in over 80 #languages! So, if you read&write in a language other than English, you should totally join us!! When? Saturday 18th, between 10:30 and 2pm! Where? At the Wilk Terrace, at #BYU. You just need to bring your computer! Hymn books and Lunch will be provided :) Please RSVP: - for more information, look for Vineyard at BYU in Facebook, or contact me :) Picture is not mine, but by Tyler Lewis. #lds #iamamormon #sharegoodness

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We had ghosts. But I wanted a mummy!!! Guess who was watching Doctor Who’s latest episode just a little while ago? ;)

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owls-neyelashes asked me:
My friend (Emma- tumblr Lpxen) is running a new online project as part of her PhD - if you could help that would be amazing. The survey looks at wellbeing, responses to stress and social support. It also contains a measure of self-harm. Anyone aged 16 +can take part (it doesnt matter if they've self harmed ever or not). It takes around 20 mins. The link is: www(.)psychology(.)nottingham(.)ac(.)uk/ staff/ lpxen/ study2(.) html Any help spreading the link would be awesome. Thanks (-: xxx

I’m answering publicly so anyone who wants to help can participate as well!

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grumpycapaldi asked me:
I just wanted to let you know I really love your quote doodles from general conference. They're so pretty!

Thank you so much!! I sadly only did them with one of the sessions, because else, I don’t get to take many notes for myself. But I like sharing those quotes, I think they definetely help both members and non-members of the church :3

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So, I published an entry last night on my blog on the small bookmarks collection I’m selling at Etsy right now! If you are curious or interested, go check it out at - even if you are not planning on buying any, I would like to know your thoughts on them :) This one in the picture is the most colorful one, with beads from old bracelets. Some of the glow in the dark, and the other ones have an holographic effect which makes this bookmark quite unique ;) And The Makioka Sisters is a great book that I highly recommend! #book #bookmark #beads #buttons #vintage #retro #reused #cute #present #bookworm #etsy #etsyfind #handmade #themakiokasisters #tanizaki

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