It’s still early for Christmas, but I already started filling my advent calendar with some of the candy I brought from Europe :D Oh, I’m really looking forward to December now!! #christmas #candy #chocolate #lindt #rittersport #yummy #food

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This is my way of telling myself “eat the salad with the leftover pizza”. It actually worked :) #pizza #food #collegelife #tryingtobehealthy

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Cookies grew much more than expected… I ended up having several Mickey Mouses!! #cookies #food #baking

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My father is visiting, and he prepared breakfast today <3 Dads have an awesome way of cooking, when they do!! #food #dad #itsnicetobespoiled

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Well, this is my lunch. Not a super cute #bento, but I wanted to use the cute food decorations that I got from @bentoandco, so, why not make cute sandwiches? #lunch #cute #food

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Didn’t feel like usual breakfast today: noodle chicken soup with rice and egg! I will need the energies for this looooong day and week in front of me… #breakfast #food

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A Costarican girl doing her American Heritage homework while eating Chinese food and listening to French Rock. That’s what I call multicultural.

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Yay! My Bento&Co @bentoandco order arrived!!! Hopefully I’ll have time tomorrow to cook myself some Japanese yummy food *u* #onigiri #ramen #food

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They were selling Halloween-food-decoration-related items at the grocery store for 50 cents. Really, seeing my Christmas tablecloth in the background, do you think that I care if it’s Halloween or not to buy this? ^_~ #halloween #food #decoration #desserts #fun <3

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Biggest cougar tail in the world! The funds are for the Food Drive that BYU and UVU are doing :D #byu #food

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